, Apple Cider 6.7%$3.50$6.00
Firestone WalkerXXIII Anniversary Ale, Blended American Strong Ale - Barrel Aged (Bourbon & Tequila)11.5%$8.50
Firestone WalkerEasy Jack, Hazy Session IPA - Hops (Bavarian Mandarina, Hallertau melon)4.0%$3.50$6.00
Firestone WalkerParabola, Bourbon BA Imperial Stout 12.7%$9.00
TivoliWhere the Helles Santa, Helles Lager w/ Cranberry5.1%$3.50$6.00
Blackberry FarmFenceline, Dry-Hopped Saison - Hops (Huell Melon)5.5%$5.00$7.50
WildflowerSt. Phoebe, Sour Fruit Raspberry5.0%$9.00$14.00
PipeworksNinja Vs Unicorn, Imperial IPA 8.0%$4.00$7.00
New ImageWood, Barleywine - Barrel Aged (Spanish Cedar)13.0%$9.00
ComradePowder Session, IPA 4.9%$3.50$6.00
WibbySchwibby, Schwarzbier 5.8%$3.50$6.00
VictoryJava Latte, Cold Brew Imperial Milk Stout w/ One Village Coffee - Hops ( Experimental HBC 472)8.2%$4.00$7.00
Crooked StaveSour Watermelon, Sour Fruit 4.2%$4.50$7.00
Firestone WalkerMolé Merkin, Bourbon BA Milk Stout w/ chile peppers, cocoa nibs, cinnamon7.8%$5.00$8.50
Cellar WestCheckerback, Saison 6.5%$5.00$7.50
Copper KettleSnowed In: Cherry, Imperial Oatmeal Stout - Barrel Aged (Bourbon)12.7%$5.50
SurlyFurious IPA, IPA 6.7%$4.00$7.00
4 NosesPerfect Drift, German Style Pilsner 4.5%$3.50$6.00
4 NosesCherry Pie Velvet, Dry-hopped w/ cherries, Graham Cracker crumbs, vanillia and lactose New England IPA 6.5%$4.00$7.00

Tap list last updated on 02/20/2020 1:23 PM