, Apple Cider 6.7%$3.50$6.00
Stone///Fear. Movie. Lions, Unfiltered Imperial IPA 8.5%$4.00$7.00
YazooBlanche Tank 4, Witbier Mixed Culture Witbier5.0%$5.00$7.50
WibbyLightshine Radler, Raspberry Lemonade Helles 4.5%$3.50$6.00
TivoliWhere the Helles Santa, Helles Lager w/ Cranberry5.1%$3.50$6.00
Blackberry FarmFenceline, Dry-Hopped Saison - Hops (Huell Melon)5.5%$5.00$7.50
WibbyVolksbier, Vienna Lager Mild, Amber, Malty5.5%$3.50$6.00
SurlyHell, Unfiltered German Lager - Hops (Sterling)- Yeast (German lager )5.0%$3.50$6.00
New ImageDDH East Coast Transplant, Double Dry Hopped Vermont Style Double IPA - Hops (Simcoe, Citra, El Dorado)- Yeast (English Ale )8.5%$4.00$7.00
SurlyTodd The Axe Man, American IPA - Hops (Citra, Mosaic)- Yeast (English ale)7.2%$4.00$7.00
Outer RangeIota, Session IPA - Hops (Citra, Kohatu, Grungeist)3.3%$4.00$7.00
CerberusNo Big Deal Kolsch, Kölsch - Hops (Calypso)5.0%$3.50$6.00
Station 26Juicy Banger IPA, American IPA 7.4%$4.00$7.00
New ImageSingle By Choice, Limited Release Pale Ale - Hops (Simcoe)5.0%$3.50$6.00
WibbyPub Pale, Pale Ale 6.0%$3.50$6.00
ComradeMedia Blackout, American Stout - Hops (simcoe)5.9%$3.50$6.00
Russian RiverSTS Pilsner, Keller Pilsner 5.4%$4.00$7.00
New ImageOlde Town Regular, Kölsch Style Ale - Hops (Hallertauer Mittelfrueh)- Yeast (German Kolsch)5.0%$3.50$6.00

Tap list last updated on 01/17/2020 10:33 AM