Snow Capped Cider*Caramel Apple Cider6.9%$3.50$6.00
Modern TimesCity of the Dead Coffee Stout7.5%$4.50$7.00
C Squared*Ella India Pale Cider6.5%$3.50$6.00
Upslope*Denali IPA6.5%$3.50$6.00
Lost AbbeyGhost in the Forest Sour Blonde Ale6.0%$5.00$7.50
C Squared*Lila Off-Dry Cider with Lavender5.0%$3.50$6.00
Great Divide*Hazy IPA6.2%$3.50$5.00
Jolly PumpkinForgotten Tales... Oak Aged Sour Ale7.0%$5.50$8.00
Dogfish Head*Liquid Truth Serum IPA6.8%$4.00$7.00
Ommegang*Smoked Porter7.6%$4.00$7.00
ResoluteBelgian Golden Strong9.6%$4.00$6.50
New BelgiumLe Terroir Dry Hopped American Sour7.5%$4.00$7.00
Copper KettleWell Bred English Barleywine10.2%$4.50$7.00
C Squared*Marzen Apfelwein Cider6.0%$3.50$6.00
C Squared*Alma Semi-Sweet Cider5.5%$3.50$6.00
Crabtree*Dearfield Strawberry Blonde4.8%$3.50$6.00
BrueryMash & Coconut Bourbon BA Barleywine13.1%$6.00$8.50
Crooked Stave*IPA6.0%$3.50$6.00
Odd13Vincent Van Couch Wild Ale4.6%$4.00$6.50